About Francios Jewellers

FRANCOIS JEWELLERS in THE GROVE MALL is the Leading Designer and Manufacturing Jeweller of exclusive fine jewellery in PRETORIA.

FRANCOIS JEWELLERS was established in the Old OK building in Welkom, Free State Province, in 1980 by the owner, FRANCOIS DU TOIT. We are built on a strong on set of values, respect, trust and integrity. We never compromise these principles and they are the foundations from which our phenomenal growth and success has occurred. In 1989 we moved to a bigger shop in the Liberty Centre where we traded very successfully for 11 years. In 2000 we relocated FRANCOIS JEWELLERS to Pretoria. We opened in Lynnridge Mall in Pretoria and when the Grove Mall opened a few kilos down Lynnwood Road in 2009, we grabbed the opportunity to move into a bigger and better mall. Since 1980 FRANCOIS JEWELLERS have become the place where stories as well as friends are made.

We manufacture each piece of jewellery with the greatest perfection and pay particular attention to the finest detail. We use the latest CAD (computer aided design) program for intricate jewellery designs. Our designs are the only part of our business where consistency is not a virtue. The quality of each manufactured piece of jewellery is guaranteed, and the total satisfaction of each and every client is of the utmost importance. Of the more than 50,000 jobs we have processed since 1980, one always stand out – The last one.

FRANCOIS JEWELLERS believe in the very best quality in whatever we do, in under-promising and over-delivering! We do all jewellery repairs, fit watch batteries, glasses, straps and springbars for your watch while you wait. We also undertake full servicing of all watches (except fake ones!).

FRANCOIS JEWELLERS - Your Trusted Jeweller since 1980